Manual Testing

Manual Testing Services involves manually testing software for defects. A tester assigned is the task for checking the various features. This is done to ensure that ensuring that the software functions as per the expectation of the end user. Our testers follow a proven test plan to accomplish this goal.

Advantages of hiring our Manual Application Testing Services are:

  • Our services are ideal for both short term and long term projects.
  • These services cost less than automatic testing.

Automation Testing Services

Ruhi Soft is a leading automation testing company in the region. We have adopted a highly successful developer based strategy for automation testing. Our software automation testing team comprises architects, lead evaluators and engineers who know how to build and customize technology for this process.

Advantages of hiring our enterprise application testing & automationservices are:

  • Certified specialists with remarkable experience and proficiency in diverse frameworks
  • Guaranteed return on investments
  • Expert Tool Feasibility study
  • Access to Test Automation Accelerator
  • Access to ERP Test Accelerator
  • Ability to use advanced frameworks

Load and Performance Testing

Ruhi Soft offers complete load testing service. Our Performance Testing Solutions & Services are based on tried and tested methodology devised over the years. We have a team which possesses the desired expertise in this arena.

We offer the following services:

  • Test Strategy Development
  • Team Management
  • Test Tool Evaluation and Procurement
  • Test Lab Development
  • Automated Test Script Frameworks
  • Test Development and Execution

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